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It's Crispy Fried Tofu Nuggets...And It Helps You Shed Pounds & Flatten Your Belly

Read On To Discover 100+ Brand New Vegan Recipes That Turn French Fries, BBQ Tofu Wings, And Even Chocolate Cake Into Fat-Burning Health Foods...
Without Losing the Delicious Flavor You Love

What if you could drop 48 pounds this year, wake up with more energy, and feel younger than ever… by eating all your favorite fried foods?

I’m talking about crispy cauliflower wings, juicy burgers, and delicious melt-in-the-middle toasted ‘cheeze’ sandwiches…

Air-fryer corn ribs and savory potato patties…

Fried, greasy foods are usually considered “guilty pleasures.” And for good reason: they’re toxic, they make you bloated, and they fatten your waistline fast.

But there’s a simple secret to transforming all of them into healthy, fat-burning meals that are just as delicious.

With the right recipes, you can enjoy all the chick’n nuggets you want guilt-free… and shed pounds from your waistline effortlessly.

The incredible recipes I’m going to share with you today all make use of a magical appliance called an air fryer.

Air fryers have all the ease and convenience of microwaves…

All the versatility of conventional ovens…

And none of the unhealthy drawbacks of regular frying.

They fry with air instead of dangerous, fattening oil.


vegan air fryer recipes

The Result? Crispy, Delicious Meals That Contain Up To 793 Fewer Calories Than Regular Fried Food

Air fryers cook food perfectly every time…so you’ll only be sacrificing unhealthy calories, not delicious flavor and taste.

Best of all, air fryers cook in a fraction of the time required for normal meal prep.

I’ve watched air frying change hundreds of thousands of lives. It’s finally possible to prepare meals that are fast, healthy, and delicious…

To help YOU harness the power of this incredible appliance and experience the results you deserve…


The Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook

Easy Plant-Based Recipes For
Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners & Snacks

vegan air-fryer recipes

100+ Brand-New Mouthwatering Vegan Air Fryer Recipes

Meat-Free, Dairy-Free, and  Quick-To-Prepare Dishes For All Occasions


Vegan Air Fryer is my easiest, most beautiful, and most versatile cookbook yet…I’m proud to share it with you!

I received lots of enthusiastic feedback after releasing my bestselling Plant-Based Cookbook.

People LOVED the recipes…and they wanted more. They even sent me specific recipe requests.

I spent countless hours perfecting vegan, high-energy, and healthy versions of every imaginable classic. My new cookbook presents every requested recipe… and so many more.

In addition to 100+ brand-new recipesVegan Air Fryer has all the information you’ll need to get started with air frying, presented in the simplest possible way.

I share all my secrets to making the healthiest, most delicious meals possible…in a fraction of the time that normal cooking takes.

vegan airfryer recipes

Air Fryers Make Healthy Cooking Easier Than Ever

How This Revolutionary Appliance Is Helping Thousands Of Men & Women
Lose Weight and Feel Great, Without Sacrificing Their Favorite Fried Foods

If you’ve never used an air fryer, you’re in for a real treat.

It takes just 10 minutes to toss the ingredients in.

Then you press a button… go watch some Netflix… and 20 minutes later a hot, delicious meal pops out.

It’s like a microwave, except your food comes out delicious.

Air fryers create a lot of heat in a small space, so your food comes out perfectly delicious—crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. (I’m getting hungry just talking about it.)

An air fryer can cook up a meal in minutes!

Once you try air frying, I bet you’ll be hooked.

It all works without gross, fattening oils…so you can enjoy that irresistible fried flavor without feeling bloated, gaining weight, or harming your health with toxins.

You Won’t Have An Armful Of Pots And Pans To
Wash Every Night, Because Air Fryers Even
Make Clean-Up EASY!


Air fryers come with a built-in basket or tray…

So cleanup is as easy as air-fried pie.

Are you starting to see how my Everything Air Fryer Cookbook can save you tons of time and energy cooking, night after night?

Because you can use air fryers to make SO much more than just fried foods.

There’s Never Been An Easier, More Delicious Way to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from the magic of air frying…

That’s why I set out to create the world’s most comprehensive and versatile vegan air fryer cookbook.

I put my heart and soul into designing the quickest, easiest, and most delicious recipes you’ll find anywhere.

Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, or simply looking to get in the best shape of your life without giving up your favorite comfort foods, this cookbook is for you.

  • Love fried foods but still want to lose weight?
  • No experience with vegan or plant-based?
  • Complete beginner in the kitchen?
  • No time to cook complicated meals?

Then you’ll LOVE the Everything Air Fryer Cookbook.

My cookbooks have sold over TWENTY THOUSAND copies.

vegan air-fryer recipes

Our recipes are simple, delicious, and powerfully fat-burning.

My proven approach to a healthier, whole food plant-based diet has helped countless men and women achieve their health goals more easily than they ever thought was possible.

Just take a look at some of these success stories…

“Never Heard Of A Diet That Tasted So Amazing!”

“I have been making recipes out of this book for the last week and my family loves them. When I finally told them they were vegan recipes my family said that they never heard of a diet that tasted so good!”

– Chrisyl B.

“You Won’t Be Sorry You Ordered!”

“Every dish I have cooked has been so delicious…I bought the plant-based cookbook a while back. Both books are amazing! You won’t be sorry you ordered.”

– Joanne R.

“I’ve Lost 24 Lbs On This Vegan Diet, And This Book Will Keep Me On Track For Life!”

“I got my copy. This book is amazing, and the Tofu Scramble is easy and delish… I’ve lost 24 lbs on this vegan diet, and this book will keep me on track for life!”

– A.R. Fitzgerald

Hi, I’m Jeff Mitchell

And The Vegan Diet Changed My Life…
Let’s Change Yours Too.

I’ve been a vegan for nine years with a passion for everything health and fitness.

I’ve taught thousands of people how to prepare easy, delicious meals that melt away fat and satisfy the whole family.

But I wasn’t always like this.

I used to be a sick mess!

I was overweight and looked bloated in photos…

I was exhausted all the time…

And I struggled with digestive issues.


Then one night, I ended up with severe depression.

Although the doctors couldn’t recognize it… I realized that my highly processed diet was to blame…

I knew that I had to make a radical change… but I wasn’t sure where to start.

But when I discovered the vegan diet, everything changed.

I had been eating a bunch of inflammatory junk everyday…

And I thought it was healthy just because I heard about it online or in ‘health foods’ magazines.

As soon as I replaced the junk with healing, nutritious vegan foods, my health problems disappeared.

I was overjoyed by the results I experienced…

  • No more stomach pain, constipation, or digestive issues
  • Perfect, restful sleep after years of insomnia
  • Abundant all-day energy and vitality
  • Relief from aches, pains, and inflammation
  • Healthy, radiant skin and hair
  • Effortless weight loss

Finally, I felt like the best version of myself again.

I had taken control of my health, and it felt so empowering!

There was just one problem…

really missed my favorite fried foods, carbs, and desserts.

I especially have a weak spot for that delicious crispiness of deep fried foods.

Onion rings, tater tots, french fries…they’re my happy place.

AND I have a sweet tooth…

Some warm, gooey cookies or chocolate cake hits the spot after some savory onion rings.

Then it hit me: sticking with my vegan diet would be SO much easier and more enjoyable if I had healthy, vegan-friendly versions of all the foods I was craving.

That became my new mission…

I worked hard until I perfected all of my recipes…and I was really proud of the result!

But the real breakthrough happened when I discovered air fryers.

vegan air-fryer recipes

They were exactly what I needed to make powerfully fat-burning dishes that tasted just as delicious as the original “cheat foods.”

Air fryers create a powerful current of superheated air that cooks and crisps food FAST.

They’re better than fancy convection ovens…

And they cost a small fraction of the price.

I knew that, with the right recipes, air frying could change the lives of countless people.

Losing weight and improving total health while enjoying delicious onion rings and decadent chocolate cake? People would love this!

I’m confident that the Vegan Air Fryer cookbook is exactly what you’re looking for.

I really upped the ante with this one.

It features 100+ Vegan Air Fryer recipes.

All the recipes are brand-new.

Some of my previous clients told me they weren’t sure how to use an air fryer…

Or that they couldn’t figure out which one to purchase.

So, to make sure your air frying experience is as easy and hassle-free as possible, my new cookbook also comes complete with straightforward how-to guidance.

Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook Has Something For Everyone

(Even If You Don’t Want To Eat Healthy All the Time)

Many of my customers have asked whether a whole food plant-based diet is right for them.

One thing’s for sure: whole food diets transformed my life, and I recommend them to anyone looking for fast weight loss and supercharged vitality.

Plant-based, in particular, is incredible not only for animal welfare but also for dropping pounds faster than you imagined was possible.

In the end, only you can decide what diet will best support you.

But here’s the good news: The recipes in the Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook cover all possible tastes and preferences…

Even if you’re not a vegan… you’ll love the selection of tasty, healthier foods available.

And the plant-based recipes are so delicious that you won’t even know the difference!

I’ve done many blind tasting tests with my friends and family, and they consistently say that my recipes are better than the oil-fried originals.

You’ll be able to choose dishes that precisely match your preferences, thanks to the Category Key I’ve included with each and every recipe…

Everything You Need, Right At Your Fingertips – No WiFi Required

You’ll always have every recipe you need right at your fingertips – even if you don’t have a reliable internet connection you can download all the recipes on as many devices as you like.

All the ingredients you need are listed out, and the step-by-step instructions couldn’t be simpler to follow.

There’s even this nutritional chart so you know exactly what’s in each recipe

cauliflower chickpea tacos

What Else Is Included?

Want A Sneak Peak Of The Recipes Inside?

I’m Always Happy To Show Them Off…

 As I said before, Vegan Air Fryer offers a HUGE variety of recipes to enjoy.

Take a peek inside…




Sweet potato fries














And dozens more!

I’m about to show you EVERYTHING that’s included…

So Far We've Had 20K Downloads of The Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook!

Hopefully you’re starting to see just how special Vegan Air Fryer is.

There’s never been an easier way to simplify meal prep, take control of your diet, and burn fat with all your favorite foods.

I hope that you’ll grab your discounted copy while it’s still available.

My IRON CLAD 60-DAY Money-Back Guarantee

1. Get Access To Our Private Email Support by clicking the button below and if you’re not thrilled at all the delicious recipes in this cookbook… I’ll give you your money back…

2. Test Out The Recipes…and if they don’t meet your expectations in any way, then simply email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

3. In fact, I’m so certain you’re going to love The Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook, if there’s even ONE single recipe you don’t like the look of… I’ll give you your money back.

You Can Become The Slimmest, Healthiest,
Most Vibrant Version Of YOU… Without
Giving Up Any Of The Foods You Love

Are You Ready to Get Started Today?

I can’t wait for you to have your own copy of this one-of-a-kind cookbook.

If you’re wondering why I’m going out of my way to offer a discounted price…don’t worry.

There’s no catch.

I only want to make your decision to purchase Vegan Air Fryer as easy as possible

Because once you start using it, you won’t believe how radically it will change your approach to healthy cooking and weight loss.

Finally, you’ll be able to lose weight and achieve all your health goals without any of the sacrifices of conventional diets.

You’ll be able to enjoy all of the foods you desire…and all of the health benefits you need.

No more bland healthy food that your family refuses to eat…

Because they’ll love my recipes as much as all the unhealthy classics.

No more fighting off cravings or ruining your diet…

Because these recipes will satisfy your cravings AND burn fat around the clock.

No more complicated, time-consuming meal prep…

Because every recipe can be made in a fraction of the time required for conventional cooking, and some in as little as 10 minutes.

And no more feeling like it’s impossible to get that slimmer, healthier body…

Because the Vegan Air Fryer cookbook will help you achieve the results you deserve more quickly and easily than you ever imagined.

Add The Vegan Airfryer Cookbook To Your Order Today

vegan air-fryer recipes

This premium cookbook retails for $29.99.

But today, you’ll get the Vegan Air Fryer cookbook for only $17.00

That’s 66% off the retail price.

But I can only offer 500 copies at this exclusive discounted price.

Based on the popularity of my last air-frying cookbook, I expect them to disappear FAST.

I hope you grab your completely risk-free copy before the price goes up.

Claim Your Copy of Vegan Air Fryer Today.

$29.99 $17.00

That’s 66% off the regular price!

Claim your copy of the Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook
(I understand my order is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee)

Digital cookbook will be emailed to you immediately.

One-Time Charge – You will never be re-billed or charged again.

Each one of the 100+ recipes in Vegan Air Fryer is brand new. So you’ll get a ton of fresh inspiration for breakfast… dinner… snacks… dessert… and more.

Plus, Vegan Air Fryer has more than just recipes. Think of it like your ultimate Air Frying guide. It has everything you need to make the most out of this amazing modern appliance.

Most of these recipes are dead-simple to make.

I did throw in a few special recipes for that “WOW” factor…

But the majority of these dishes are quick and easy to prepare.

I specifically choose recipes with common, easy-to-find ingredients…

So shopping is a breeze.

And there are clear, easy-to-follow instructions. So even a total beginner can master these dishes!

These recipes were designed and tested to work in most air fryers, so you can whip up delicious dishes no matter which model you use.


It’s easy to find an affordable air fryer. You can easily order one online, or pick one up at most Big Box stores. Some are priced as low as around $25!

That depends. All I know is that I’ve seen Plant-Based help millions of people do their bit for the environment and animals and kickstart their weight loss to move towards a healthier lifestyle. And it’s done wonders for me personally.

Not in an air fryer!

That’s what’s amazing about this magical little appliance. It doesn’t actually need oil, so it drastically reduces the amount of fat and calories in your recipes.

Best of all, air fryers still manage to get everything crispy on the outside, but juicy on the inside.

In my opinion? Heck yes! For one thing, air fryers cook food much more evenly than microwaves.

Have you ever taken something out of the microwave… and had one bite burn your tongue and the next bite still be cold? Microwaves tend to leave little pockets of heat – or little clumps of cold.

But air fryers are designed so hot air circulates around all sides of your food. So everything cooks quickly and evenly.

Plant-Based is a great choice for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly. Plus, studies show a Plant-Based diet helps support better digestion, lower inflammation, and support healthy cholesterol and triglycerides.

Vegan Air Fryer is a fun, modern addition to any recipe collection.

Claim Your Copy of The Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook Today

vegan air-fryer recipes

Ready to make awesome vegan meals in your air fryer? 

Today, you’ll get the Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook for the special price of…

$29.99 $17.00

That’s 66% off the regular price!

Claim your copy of the Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook
(I understand my order is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee)

The digital cookbook will be emailed to you immediately.

One-Time Charge – You will never be re-billed or charged again.

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