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Welcome to the Plant Based Cookbook Affiliate Program where you’ll find exactly what you need to get started making 75% commission promoting this 3 billion dollar niche!

Our sales funnels and persuasive swipe copy have been meticulously tailored and tested for exceptional conversions in the thriving vegan and plant-based niche.

Whether your audience is enthusiastic about plant-based cooking, ethical veganism, or healthy plant-powered living, our optimized strategies will engage and convert your visitors effectively.


“In 2023, the best way to presell products is by gaining trust with your potential customers. This means providing them with valuable information before promoting ‘The Plant-Based Cookbook.’ People in the vegan niche like it when you’re honest and straightforward, rather than using tricky marketing. Here, I’ll show you how affiliates are making money through the ‘The Plant-Based Cookbook’ vegan affiliate program

  1. Instagram Page Devoted to Vegan Recipes: Instagram has emerged as a powerhouse platform for driving sales. Create an Instagram page dedicated to vegan recipes. Post enticing images of delicious plant-based dishes, and include a link in your bio that leads to a presell page or a bridge page connecting to the sales page. Please note that Instagram does not allow direct affiliate links in bios. Important Note: Ensure your Instagram handle, profile picture, or any branding does not resemble ownership of the product, using any official logos, faces, or variations of “The Plant-Based Cookbook.” Violation of this guideline may result in immediate removal from the affiliate program.

  2. Facebook Page Centered Around Plant-Based Cooking: Set up a Facebook page centered around plant-based or vegan cooking. Share helpful posts about the advantages of a plant-based or vegan diet and include links in your posts directing visitors to the cookbook’s sales page. But be careful not to run paid ads that directly link to the sales page, as this may result in your Facebook account being suspended.

  3. Optin Page Offering Vegan Recipes PDF: Develop a straightforward Word document containing a selection of vegan recipes tailored for plant-based cooking, ethical veganism, or healthy plant-powered living, and convert it into a PDF. Set up an optin page that redirects users, after submitting their information, to a presell/bridge page or directly to the sales page. Embed your affiliate links within the PDF to maximize conversions.

  4. Email Follow-Up Campaign: Email marketing remains highly effective. After collecting email addresses through your optin page, nurture your leads by providing valuable content related to vegan recipes, nutrition, and weight loss. Building a strong rapport with your subscribers makes selling “The Plant-Based Cookbook” an easier task.

  5. Informative Blog Articles: Write insightful blog articles related to plant-based cooking, vegan health, and weight loss. At the end of your articles, include a link redirecting readers to either the sales page, or create your personalized optin page for vegan recipes.

  6. YouTube Videos: Create engaging YouTube videos that delve into the world of vegan recipes, especially those designed for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. Include affiliate links in your video descriptions, directing viewers to the sales page. Alternatively, consider producing review videos about “The Plant-Based Cookbook” that connect to the offer.

By employing these ethical and effective marketing strategies, you can successfully promote “The Plant-Based Cookbook” and its vegan recipes to your audience while maintaining their trust and engagement in 2023.

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